MaxDiff Analyzer

MaxDiff Analyzer Terms of Service

The current subscription fees are:

Subscription Type Fee
One-Year Subscription $500.00 USD

Each user receives a unique login. More than one person may share the same login, however more than one person may not use the same login to access the MaxDiff Analyzer simultaneously. No pro-rating of subscription length is permitted, and all sales are final (no refunds for unused service time).

MaxDiff Analyzer accounts are prepaid. It is the responsibility of the account owner to purchase additional subscriptions to ensure continued service. After a subscription has lapsed (and has not been renewed), then the login will cease to allow access to the analyzer.

You are responsible for managing your own account, including deleting projects that you no longer need.

The MaxDiff Analyzer service is provided through arrangements with third party hosting vendors, and servers are not owned or maintained by Sawtooth Software. Sawtooth Software believes that these service providers are reliable. However, Sawtooth Software cannot be held responsible for any server downtime, data corruption or loss, heavy server traffic, denial of service or any other source of data loss, inconvenience or delay. By accepting the terms of this agreement, you acknowledge that such data loss or down time are possible and you assume the inherent risks.

Technical support is only available during normal business hours.

In all cases, Sawtooth Software's liability is limited to the fee you have paid for the MaxDiff Analyzer access.

This agreement, including fees, is subject to change.